how are file changes determined?

I am wondering how file changes are determined. I had comodo backup v.1.04.337 installed and used incremental backup do simple copy files from drive H (mapped drive) to drive E (usb drive). it pretty much worked fine. Then I uninstalled and then reinstalled the same version from the same install file and now it wants to re-copy all the files even though nothing that I can see has changed. I am sure that all of my settings are the same as before. The same files are in the same places with identical names and sizes. I don’t really want it to re-copy 58gigs of files for no apparent reason. This backup worked fine before…actually it had one other probably unrelated consistant problem before, it would never work with the scheduler just manually. I got an email saying drive not found or some such. Must have something to do with the mapped drive…anyway…what does it look for for file changes and can I sync’d up to work again w/o recopying everything?


You’re welcome to use COMODO Backup 2.1. In this version you also have files/folders Synchronization and many more options than COMODO Backup 1.0.

Thank you for your post!

I had bsod crash problems with 2.1. Also I didn’t like the fact that you cannot edit a backup job. The bsod may have been fixed with the last update, I haven’t tried it. I decided to use v.1 until the v.2 has editable jobs.
I’m sure that my original question applies to any version.
Question: How does CBU identify file changes for incremental backups? He backed up files from A to B. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled CBU v.1. Now, he doesn’t know the files are his own backup and thinks they need to be copied all over again as if they have changed. Is this because I deleted a data list when I uninstalled?..or does he pull info from the files themselves?..if this is the case, he should be able to see that the files on A and B are identical, right? I can run it and let it copy everything again, but there are 58gigs, not just a few files, and it would seem unnecessary. Maybe if I knew how this worked there would be the possibility that I could fix it, or at least avoid the problem in the future…