How answer to FW alerts without mouse??? [RESOLVED]

I have a question: how answer (allow, deny or close) to displayed alert windows by Comodo Firewall on a server without mouse?? OK, CANCEL, ALLOW and DENY buttons haven’t fast keyboard shortcuts. Alert windows don’t respond to pressing Enter too.

I’m stuck with this software when used on mouse-less host.

Should I seek for other firewall product?


No. Also perhaps add keyboard short cuts to the wishlist…


No, I mean computer with only keyboard connected. No mouse, no touchpad, etc.

That would be a great UI improvement. I can’t wait. Thanks in advance.

Well, dang! No mouse at all :o It’s impossible to answer Alerts that way! hehe


Bump. I will lock this one now.



As of version (released Friday 23/5/08), you CAN use the tab key to move from field to field, arrow keys to move up or down a list of possible choices within a field and space bar to accept but …

Their keyboard navigation doesn’t necessarily follow Windows conventions.

Oddity #1
Usually, to move from (for example) FIREWALL to DEFENSE+, you would use CTRL-TAB. In CFP, you just keep pressing TAB until the highlight is on the top button you want and then press SPACE.

Oddity #2
The field ordering with alerts is just plain wrong. Rather than repeated presses of the TAB key taking you from the action fields (Allow etc.) to the action option field (Remember) to the qualifier field (OK or CANCEL), the tab order takes you from action fields to qualifiers, then to “more/less options” and then to the action option fields. As a consequence, if you wanted to ALLOW and REMEMBER, you would need to press the tab key to get to the action you wanted, then press TAB repeatedly until it was on the REMEMBER field (after having gone around the world in 90 days) and then press TAB several times again until you were on the qualifier you wanted.

Oddity #3
The highlight doesn’t always appear over the button or object that has focus and when it does, it isn’t always obvious enough. On some buttons (alarmingly the alert dialogue OK or CANCEL buttons - where keyboard use would have the most benefit), there is no highlight. These buttons just blink momentarily when they receive focus.

Bad, UI programmers. Bad. Back to the code kennels.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Real Administrators don’t use a mouse ;-D

This is only workaround - not final, ergonomic solution.

In case of displaying dozens of alerts to confirm and at each user should press Tab key many times then there is not only problem of pressing Tab key hundreds times, but also situations when user press Tab one time too much and pressing Enter confirm other action that he wants.

From UI ergonomic and usability point of view (and of course Windows conventions) buttons should have shortcuts like Alt-A for “Allow”, Alt-O for “OK”, Alt-C for “Cancel”, Alt-R for “Remember…”, etc. and global Enter to “OK” and Esc to “Cancel” whole dialog (except when only “Allow” and “Block” buttons are displayed; I think that in this situation only Esc should be mapped to “Block”, but Enter shouldn’t be mapped to “Allow”).

Yeah, I agree, but fortunately we (users) can point out this bugs - and programmers (hopefully) can fix this. :slight_smile: