How add rule to protected object

i use cis 6.3.
i want to add “.” to “Defence+ → HIPS → Protected Object → Protected Files → Executables”
but i dont know how add this rule.
please help.

If you want to add anything to groups like Executables it has to be done through the File Group screen.

At the bottom of the Protected Files screen click on the arrow this brings up a set of options.

Click on Groups this brings up a new screen where you can add new values to each group.

Please be careful not to remove others while adding your new value.

Any problems caused by adding your new value can be fixed in Safe Mode (F8) where you can remove your new value without CIS running.

thanks for your answer.
but (2 problems) :

1- add in manage file group have 4 items :

  • New Group
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Running Processes
    that can not add . with these item.

2- when add item to a group in manage file group and click ok, the item don’t add to protected files groups.
if add this item must remove group from protected file and add group again, that it is not true.

*excuse me, i can not write english properly.

For 1 use any of the other three entries not New Group then edit the entry to what you require.

For 2 you need to close all Advanced screens for the entry to be accepted clicking OK on each one.