How accurate is Angry IP Scanner?

I have used every online scanner I could find and the results are telling me that port 135 is stealthy.
But i have done a scan with angry IP scanner and it says 135 is open? Could this be the result of me testing the tool against my own system?
I didn’t perform the test from another computer I did the test on the same one I use and it says port 135 is open.
But its not?
What does it mean…?

I get the feeling its checking your loopback zone not your internet connection.

Well this way it won’t work. And if it does it does not represent the way an “external” ip would enter your system using TCP 135. Best thing to do if you scan from the internet to your system is use ShieldsUP and scan port 135.

If you have a router in front of your connection, big chance you are scanning the router and not your pc.

If you have an other PC on the network try this, open a command-box and type

telnet 135

and press [ENTER] after that, now telnet will try a connection to port 135 on your firewalled system.
If it get’s a connection you will get a blinking cursor in the top left corner, if it fails and your firewall is good it will time-out, try the same again with the FW set to disabled to see the difference.