How about ...

don’t like the red … :stuck_out_tongue:

a mix might kill the brightness, i have a bright screen…all in all though, i dont really care…

I like it in general, just don’t like the “transparency” on the 1/2 of the windows it melts to much with white background applications… (like CIS main gui if updater/scan are on top :wink:

Just as Ronny, but i like the transparency

Agreed. I like the old color scheme.

Red is too strong. Green is better, or old theme also.


Old theme works fine here though there is no COMODO Internet security logo

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I prefer the red theme than the old one.
It looks modern, fresh.
But having many skins to choose would be perfect =)

lol I thought about doing that earlier, but forgot to try it.

How does it look if you use the Windows theme? (exit cfp.exe, delete Comodo theme file, restart cfp.exe) It looks out of place in CIS 3 ;D

For some reason Royale don’t work.

Luna works fine (but a tad ugly :-X )

Royale works as well (didn’t work at first) but it looks worse tha Luna :o

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IMO that’s not bad :D. I think where it may look bad is in the Defense+ and Firewall rules screens.

Rules dialogs looks fine

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I guess this would be the workaround for those who complain about that redness 8)

The previous CIS theme got an entirely new appeal the the new GUI builtin icons. :-TU

Too bad the logo is white and it disappear on the white background…

it would be very nice if the developers would add a blue maybe green theme

yeah…how about more themes added…after all, there is a tab for it, just no choices


red is the comodo group color :wink:

The possibility of choose different themes, is a good idéa.

mindlessmissy (one of the comodo forum users) recently posted a nice blue theme of CIS 4 here.

IMO, Blue looks very attractive! Hope he shares with us how he did it! :slight_smile: I personally tried skinning but failed! Putting a Blue luna theme on CIS on a Windows 7 machine didn’t go down too well. Classic look, some may like it. See attached screen shots for both the theme I put on and mindlessmissy’s theme. :slight_smile:


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I think the red is perfect and much better than the default one now.