How about some REAL desktop pics :)

Well… If you insist:


Haha Nice. See if anyone can top my Desktop/Laptop combo ;D

My desktop is still exactly the same as in the first post (telling you this will keep this post from being off topic, right? 88)), but I do have a new coffee table since two days. It’s made from black glass and chrome. 8)


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What’s this have to do with the desktop pics ? 88) ??? ;D

You mean - you’ll bring your laptop there and drink coffee ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing at all, that’s why I wrote that I still have the same desktop as in the first post. This was just an excuse to stay on topic and showing off my beloved table. O0


!ot! Nice coffee table. !ot!

talk about clutter ;D

n i dont have those speakers any more …got 2.1…
(■■■■ digi cam batteries ran out… couldnt post a newer pic…)

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So how many layers of nude magazines did you remove ;D

so ??? i do that all the time ???

When I get home I will take a picture of my gaming set up. Put all you guys to shame. :BNC :■■■■

I will get a pic off my Xbox 360/w Live too & other surprises.

We will see who goes to SHAME…

Well I will take a pic of my gaming pc and my XBOX360 with my new Unreal Tournament III face plate. Hey Josh whats your gamer tag for Live. Add me if you want. I am Dieselman326.

I’ll get back to you on that one :slight_smile:

You must have Desktop Laptop combo to beat me kid >:( :slight_smile:

Well I would take a pic of my desktop and Dell WOW Gaming laptop but I gave it to my gf to use. I love her so…

Ok all you boys. Here is my gaming desktop set up and where I am typing this post from right now.

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Tidy! :-TU


Here is my XBOX360 set up and my gaming chairs.

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Gaming chair???, It looks like “comfy” ELECTRIC chair, UNPLUG CORDS QUICKLY, MS will kill you…

You can get them at Target. $75 each. They have a sub woofer and amp built in. They also have surround sound speakers in the head rest. I love it cause it makes you feel so much more apart of the game when you can hear things 2 inches from your ears.