How about some REAL desktop pics :)

Anyone who doesn’t feel ashame of your untidied desktops? :wink:


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Hmmm that was a clean look… just like your PC desktop…
I’m the other way around… ;D

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If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk signify? :wink: :smiley:


Indeed! You should see the rest of the place here, echo echo… :smiley:

But I could never live with such a cluttered desk. In fact, my desk is even too cluttered as it is now - every night I put the mouse away, and I really wish to get rid of that ugly white network cable. I’d also like to replace the phone with a ■■■■ & Olufsen but that’s too expensive. :wink:


Omg LA, no offence, but you have a problem :o

EDIT: You’re worse than our hoe-teacher in home economics (really, no one likes her lol)! When we’re going to wash up after the meal, we have to do it like 5 times before she thinks it’s good enough, so once I told her to do it and just went home ;D
Can tell you that I almsot failed in home economics because of that lol :smiley:

LOL, I argued with my teacher to get a higher grade (I think it’s about 9 years ago), I told her “I’ve never burned any food” - guess what, I got that higher grade. :wink:

If you think my home is a crazy place, I have another dream to fulfill: a completely empty bookshelf just to symbolize the ultimate minimalism :slight_smile: Because an empty bookshelf is even more empty than not having the furniture at all…


Maybe It shows that your pockets are empty as well… 88)


(Click to enlarge.) That photo is somewhat old and vey bad quality (taken with the mobile phone), but I don’t feel like taking a new one. :stuck_out_tongue: Since then I got new speakers because they started to have some problems (after like ten years), but they’re equally crummy (they cost me 6 € :-TU).

Japo, doesn’t it drive you insane to look at that psychotic man all the days? :o

Not if it’s the spitting image of his mirror

My dear “super machine”,hahaha.

I bet it’s worse for him looking at me, see:

This is my driving licence photo, so you understand his facial expression when looking at me:

here’s mine :slight_smile:

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Is that a red label on your PC or just your credit card? :slight_smile:

it’s a label, my laptop spec. i keep it in case i wanna sell it.
no credit card, i pay CASH (:HUG)
i’ve never seen red credit card ???

I have one. Maybe Indonesia doesn’t produce any.

Cleaning desktop as we speak. Getting ready to take a pic ;D

maybe 88) i only have this ATM card & dvd rental member card 88)

:slight_smile: messy desktop huh?

Here ya go. Two of em ;D

Edit: A little blurry… and big :stuck_out_tongue:

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