How about Outpost?

I know it is a paid product but the score is considerable.

I have 2 security products close to my hearth: CIS and Outpost (I have won a lifetime license at one of their contests). But I’m always back to CIS. I’ve tried latest Outpost 7 and it fails on some leaktests and I don’t have granular control on his HIPS and some other minor complaints (which I don’t remember now :)).
Anyway after last Agnitum Support response

The issues with leak-tests lead to significant changes in Outpost modules, so our developers hope to provide the solution in one of the future versions of the product, therefore we cannot state when exactly they will be solved.
I cannot state when exactly I'll be back to Outpost. :)


Outpost free is a very limited version of the paid one.
I see no reason for not going to CIS instead of Outpost.

I believe SG65 meant the paid version, not the free one.

Sorry, my fault.