How about offline updater?

Well offline updater would be great. Just like AVG and KAV… you can COPY an update then use it to update other computer CAV with it. (:AGL)


I think VearRN is refer to AV definations update manual download and install.

This has been asked many times before, but they havent listened to the requests.
You can C&P the signature files from Comodo’s folder.

Offline updating of CIS is being introduced in the next version of Comodo Security Endpoint Manager (CESM). The version of CIS in CESM is specific to CESM installations, however, it shows that they are listening :smiley: and this functionality can and will be introduced to standalone versions of CIS. Exactly when is still undetermined. Now it comes down to patience, rather than ignorance.

You can C&P the signature files from Comodo's folder.

In the interim, you can do as Kyle said and copy and paste the “scanners” folder from an updated system to another, but you will have to temporarily disable D+ (if activated) to do so.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear :slight_smile: