How about making downloadable virus-definition files available

Hello Comodo,

are there any plans to make these available, just like Avast or Avira or AVG have?

This enables new users or present users that re-install, which are on slow dial-up connections, to pick up last downloaded and saved def file on their hard disk, and avoid lenghty downloads via auto-update or manual update from within CIS, to cath up as of last incorporated defs inside last CIS.exe installation file.

Thanks feedback,

brgds Mack

I agree, but not only for people with slow connection. Also for people with no internet connection. That way they could download the definitions file from someone else and apply them on their system.

yeah, +1 on this. :■■■■
i have some comps with no internet connection & therefore no AV, since it’s no use having an outdated AV.

+1 Because not everybody on this globe has a speedy ADSL or cable connection.

We have to consider that CAVS still in release process. Shortly Comodo will release web-based information and downloads related to CAVS like signatures updates, malware library info and more. Wait with confidence. (R)


is there any news on this one? Am having some trouble updating from CIS 3.5…439 base download of CIS to latest virus def. CIS downloads quite some Mb of data but stays on base def version 668…

Downloadable virus def file sure would have been handy instead of this waste of bandwith…