How about Comodo merchandise store?

I know that Comodo’s goal is making security software not t-shirts :slight_smile: but it would be nice to have in the future some kind of merchindise store. Every user could buy for example a lanyard with Comodo’s logo, or a t-shirt-these are poducts for big Comodo community. Lot of companies make money this(not stupid) way: Mozilla, Opera, Avast and others. Some of users may think it is stupid idea, but I think it is worth considering.

Sounds like a plan… :-TU


and a donate button in misc as this is something most freewares have somewhere… O0


If you look Here is this what you want.

Thank’s Dennis2, I didn’t know that merchaindise store is already :). Looks like my post is out of date :slight_smile:

Your welcome.
I knew I had seen it somewhere took me a while to find were.

I can’t find that t-shirt that has a huge picture of Melih on it… ???


LOL :slight_smile: