How about an uninstaller

I used version 2 of your firewall , I upgraded to V3 and now V4 is out , 3 times I have tried to remove V3 and install V4 , but keep getting error message 1603, not being technical minded at all I find it frustrating and annoying. Surely with all your experience and expertise someone would have produced an uninstall programme not just for the firewall but for all your products, so that the non-techie people like me have faith in both installing and removing your products.

I’ll have to agree with this. I prefer to download the complete files from third party download sites because your server is usually slow, and autoupdating frequently fails.

Comodo Program Manager: COMODO Programs Manager 1.0 build 30 Public Release?

On a different note. There are several 1603 related topics in Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS. Please the search function for this.

Also follow How to Upgrade from V3 to V4 by Chiron.


There are several 1603 reports because people are having so much trouble trying to upgrade, this I believe proves my point in that the uninstaller is not effective or efficient.
I don’t ask much , but I would expect an ‘uninstaller’ to do just that - uninstall !
There must be hundreds of other people out there like myself that have limited knowledge of computers, I try not to touch things as I don’t really know what I am doing so I rely on products “doing what they say on the tin”.
Comodo must have realised that error 1603 is a problem to their customers so asking for an uninstaller that works isn’t too much to ask - is it !