How about a "sticky" for false positives

Some people won’t bother to report false positives or more importantly don’t know how!!!

You can use this

Maybe a possible alternitive
Create a small section in the comodo forums for (possible false positives)

1)What website did you download it from
2)Is it windows 86x(32x) or (64x)
3)Whats the softwares name and version
4)what infection did comodo called it (SAVE THE ANTI-VIRUS SCAN RESULTS TO DESKTOP) and copy and paste the infections name or just copy and paste the whole thing if your not sure how

By doing this, we know a source to get it from and maybe someone here can downloadload it and report the false positive properly. At least, I’ll volunteer for helping reduce the false positives

P.S. I kind of rushed through in creating this topic, but do you guys agree???
This will help quite a bit on the false positive part of the anti-virus :slight_smile:

Something wrong with this forum?

False Positive/Negative reporting - (Is this a malware that CIS has/not detected?)

Something wrong with this forum?
I can't think of anything

It seems hard to find, maybe have a permanent link or 2 thats easy to see. I never knew that it existed until you pointed that out. I have been using the website to report it

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Just an idea