How about a Poll?

It would be great if this forum allowed the creation of polls, because what I’d really like to see is a poll on the question:

“Is Comodo Firewall version 3 ready for prime time yet?”

From the outside looking in it’s very confusing – claim versus counter-claim, accolades versus putdowns, positives versus negatives…

I know the simple answer someone might want to give me is “try it and see”. But I’ve had one disastrous experience upgrading from v2.4 to v3, and had to resort to a Restore Point recovery from Safe Mode. I really don’t want to have to go through that again.

Hmmm… maybe that should be two polls:

“Is v3 ready for prime time on Windows XP?”

“Is v3 ready for prime time on Windows Vista?”

A graph of poll results is really easy to read and clearly illustrates the majority opinion without having to wade through a lot of ifs, buts, maybes and miscellaneous detail.

CFP appears to be working fine by me. Of course, I won’t know for sure until it’s too late! (:NRD)

(:WAV) hi
i think you can create a poll if you want to. i haven’t tried it though. there’s a create a new poll button next to “create a new topic” button.

i’ve been using V3 on XP SP2, so far so good. The Defense+ rocks. (B)
i think most complaints about V3 is about how the Defense+ ask too many allow/block questions. but once we figure it out, let it learn for a while, we’ll have peace of mind regarding comp security :smiley:
you can try your current firewall against this leak test :

and about some incompatibility issues & failed installation, that’s another story 88) maybe someone can help you, good luck. :■■■■


I can’t see that – only buttons I see near “New Topic” are “Notify” and “Mark As Read”.

Using Firefox.

you can try your current firewall against this leak test :

My current firewall is Comodo 2.4 and that’s what I’ll be staying with until I see a LOT fewer problem reports. (:AGY)

and about some incompatibility issues & failed installation, that's another story 88) maybe someone can help you, good luck.

Only help I need is a LOT fewer problem reports. (:AGY)

I don’t see it either in Firefox or IE. (:AGY) maybe we need 900+ posts! (:KWL)

;D spammer’s priviledge. sorry for the misinfo,not every section got option to create a poll,
try it here :

quote My current firewall is Comodo 2.4 and that’s what I’ll be staying with until I see a LOT fewer problem reports. Ditto Nostril.Hair.


I think the admins are currently re-organizing the forum about poll creations, so that’s why you don’t see the Add Poll button.

Works good for me, just wish it remained a pure and simple firewall without all the other bits n bobs, its got a bit bloated for my liking, i dont like defense+ or HIPS at all, but i know if i reinstall i can at least choose to have CPF as a pure firewall. So a thumbs up really.

The great trap that so many product developers fall into is the temptation towards product bloat. Fast, mean and specialised is what most end users want – or the more knowledgeable ones do anyway.

The emphasis on suites of security products is a good example. It is an absolute, undeniable fact that NO single publisher provides the best anti-spyware, the best anti-virus, the best rootkit detector, etc. And most of these suites are so complex that they have all manner of undesirable side-effects, often interfering with other programs.

Norton is probably the best example of a company that thinks you won’t have anything else running on your computer other than their security suite.

Smart computer users pick the best application for each job, and if you choose well the individual components of your defence strategy will be fast, effective, unobtrusive and well-behaved.

There are plenty of examples but one you probably use every day is the Adobe Reader, a.k.a. The Great Red Whale. It is now so bloated out of all proportion to its primary task that I long ago recommended to all my clients and readers that they switch to the excellent Foxit Reader. To the best of my knowledge none ever switch back.

I would hazard a guess that many of us are here now because Zone Alarm fell into the aforementioned trap. It would be a real pity to see Comodo go the same way. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can lose a lot of customers trying.

I have to be overall very happy with CPF3 versions And I can somewhat understand the trouble I had with the versions that flat out would not allow my must have of ICS networking to operate. I still think that comodo could have handled the problem better and been faster in acknowledging that ICS was not possible with the earlier versions. But once I knew ICS was not possible, my frustration went away as I quit trying the impossible.

Then with what amounts to amazing speed, the .273&.276 versions came out that fixed a long list of
problems and included was a fix for ICS. And I am now one very happy camper as I am experiencing no problems.


Its also clear nirvana is not yet reached which is evident by some of the posts we see. As some people still have difficulties but often its difficult to troubleshoot problems where something works on one persons computer but not on someone else’s. So the pace of fixing things will probably slow.

But the post by THN RAISES QUITE A DIFFERENT QUESTION. Because its both a bang for the buck question and a question user security knowledge.

I tend to feel that for the user who does not follow computer security issues closely, CPF3 and a very few other present firewalls will help that set of people and be the trend of the firewall future as prevention gets added to the traditional role of a firewall. And unlike some bloatware, the comodo tax on system resources does not seem any greater than ver 2.4.

I tend to feel that I am more security knowledgeable than most and had a previous security system
that had HIPS and process control already enabled. And thus far, I have disabled the HIPS on other programs in favor of CPF3. My jury is still out on the question of am I better protected now than before when I used a mix and match set of security programs compared to my new set up. And is my new system resource tax with the sum of old security set up the same , increased, or decreased?
The fact that it feels about the same says something. And on my wife’s computer, chucking comodo 2.4 and replacing it with CPF3 has greatly reduced boot time.

Actually… i spent 2 good hours really getting my teeth into CPF3 , reading up all the help files and understanding the ins and outs of defense+ etc and now knowing more on how it works i think ill retract my original statement. I like it. :smiley:
Best Firewall i ever used.

As with any complex application, the learning curve – and range of patience – will vary from user to user.

But forum member THN, a few posts above, makes a very salient point.

Programmers and developers sometimes – perhaps frequently – stretch the limits of good software design. It’s OK to push the boundaries as long as they pay close attention to the feedback loop that develops as more and more users adopt the product. However, when they breach that fuzzy line where software is transformed into bloatware, they need to back off and reassess the goal and objectives of the application.

Personally, I prefer discrete applications for anti-virus, Trojan detection, spyware, process monitoring and firewall. But then, the challenge becomes for each of those separate programs to work in concert without major conflicts. Hence, the popularity of “suites.”

Whether HIPS should be integrated into a firewall or anti-virus is something that should be debated thoroughly, as such applications interface so closely with the core of an operating system.

I agree.

Al (KISS) Adric