How about a Network Access Control From COMODO?

Like CESM, COMODO has to develop more high standard and affordable Enterprise level products. A product like Network Access Control (NAC) can unify Endpoint security technology (such as Antivirus, Host intrusion prevention, and Vulnerability assessment). NAC can control access to a network with policies, including pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission controls over where users and devices can go on a network and what they can do.

ie; When a computer connects to a computer network, it is not permitted to access anything unless it complies with a set standard, including anti-virus protection level, system update level and configuration. While the computer is being checked by a pre-installed software agent, it can only access resources that can remediate (resolve or update) any issues. Once the standard is met, the computer is able to access network resources and the Internet, within the policies defined within the NAC system.

Some of the known NAC products are from Bradford NAC solutions,Symantec and Novell ZENworks…I expect COMODO also in the list as a leader…

Great Suggestion!

Perhaps this vulnerability scan should/could be part of CIS/CPF installation, or be built into the current Vulnerability Analizer (Beta).