How about a File Manager? /eom

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File manager…for what purpose? Why is it desired? What should its features/abilities be? What will it work on (OS or other platform) or with? If it has client/server and other internet/ethernet functionality please mention/explain them?

Well I’m not sure if I should go into this. But I’m going to try to be honest and polite at the same time.

CIS, for example, is a neat application. I don’t have to go into any details here, because I’m sure most of us can agree with that. Its weakness, IMveryHO is the UI.

Look, I can only express this from a subjective consumer point of view; the experiences I’ve made with COMODO on this single Machine for a couple of years (I actually also installed COMODO firewall in my garbage truck when I worked as a garbage collector - but that doesn’t really count) - so I really don’t know. However I am experiencing something that I don’t like - and if my estimations on what it is, isn’t correct - then maybe you can tell me what it is that I’m experiencing:

It seems like, almost every single program I currently have installed doesn’t have CIS’ “interface problem”. It does remind me of a game I played years ago that was called Master Of Orion 3 (I think). Whatever I’m refering to here is not important to explain in detail (since this regards a “suggestion”), but I feel CIS’s UI is clumpsy, slow, unstable and not very intuitive. I get pop-ups with unclickable information. I mean how am I supposed to react to a threat if I’m not able to work through CIS? I’m always forced to use explorer or a filemanager to get to the folder in question etc. Now this was only an example. And maybe not a very good one. And maybe there’s a reason why COMODO has its own window design which you can’t configure the way you want? Maybe it has to do with software integrity etc. I really don’t know.

And I’m not really complaining. I’m also not comparing it to any other similar application, because NOD SUCK!!! (…oops, sorry. I’m really tired, and I have to put great effort in expressing myself - I hope you don’t mind) I just hope you can, in some way, identify with what I’m writing.

So I was thinking - that maybe a filemanager, potentially able to integrate with CIS would solve that problem? I really have lots of ideas here. But I should keep them to myself. Believe it or not, there are areas in which I consider myself an expert in, therefore I know how it sounds when some amateur is trying to “help”.

But hey, Alpha! thanks for asking.

hugs and kisses