How about a disk and registry defragmenter?

I would really like if Comodo have its own hard disk defragmenter. Also something that do the same job as Auslogic disk defrag.

I meant Auslogic Registry Defrag. I’m really dissapointed when it becomes a shareware.

I would like to see a way to pause Comodo Time Machine and then have a defragmenter tool there :slight_smile:

I also like that idea :slight_smile:

Not required on an SSD.


A disk and registry defragmenter would be indeed very nice. What about an online disk defragment tool that could even prevent a disk from becoming fragmented or automatically defrag when fragmentation reaches a critical (defined by user) level.

Well… there is Auslogic, Puran, Defragger…
Do you really think Comodo should get into this non-security-related market? ???

it already has CSC CPM CB

A disk and registry registry defragmenter is a great complement for CSC. I think it should be integrated into CSC because defragmenting should be done after CSC had cleaned the system.