How about a Comodo Vista skin..!

Seeing as Stardocks Windows Blinds 6 is a huge hit for Windows Vista how about someone make a Comodo skin for it, I think this would be an interesting concept for advertisement as well and I’m sure if someone went over to Wincustomize forum and made a request it could very well happen hint-hint. Anyhow just a fun thought (:WIN)

Hmmm…that was a very long reply to a pretty old topic (but hey, I love bumping too ^_^).
I personally do not care about skins and all that, I like to see different things (so Comodo having a different skin is fine with me). Although there are people who would like to have a regular Windows skin, so maybe Comodo could stop forcing their own skin…

I love skin managers… it would be cool. Count my vote. (:CLP)