how about a banking mode

just a suggestion, but how about a banking mode where when your on your bank site or credit card site or things you want absolutely secure, everything and everyone gets locked out until you tell comodo to turn it off. that would be a nice feature

??? You mean block everything connecting to the internet expect your web browser (probably the most dangerous piece of software on your computer)? If your already infected, it can track what you do even if it doesn’t have internet access.

I would like to have a Comodo On-Screen Keyboard ;D


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no. i mean specific sites that you specify. everything else is blocked. it would secure only the site you specify. then when your done banking, you take it off that mode

not the browser, just the site is allowed. nothing else.

Don’t most of those sites currently use HTTPS (secure connection)? Also, to validate the site as not a phishing site, why not use Comodo Verification Engine?

well, now there is clickjacking and all kinds of ways for hackers to fool you

clickjacking and all kinds of ways for hackers to fool you
If you have firefox, use a addon called "noscript" It'll protect you from clickjacking
all kinds of ways for hackers to fool you
thats phishing 1)use Comodo Verification Engine 2)download WOT (web of trust) 3)and most important "pay attention to the address bar and be alert"

yeah. i have all that. they can still get through. a total lock down would be better

Hmmm… Yes. If you don’t mind the fact that the author of this extension recently “clickjacked” another popular extension… Not something I’d put any trust in. 88)