how 3.8.65951.477 installed on a vista re-format

Over the weekend I reformated the C drive on my Vista work laptop. It has had Comodo products installed on it since I purchased it a year ago. Nothing bad has happened with this computer. The only reason for the re-format is that my habit is to re-format my work computers once a year, just to clear out the grunge that builds up. I reloaded my OS from the manufacturer’s recovery partition. Well, one forgets how much unwanted software garbage comes bundled with some computers. The bundled AV [we will call it Brand XX] automatically installs itself from this recovery partition. I did not want Brand XX, so I uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller. This did not remove all traces. I tried Brand XX’s so-called uninstaller utiliity, a couple of registry cleaners, and manual search and destroy. I could not remove all traces of Brand XX. Brand XX acted much like a rootkit infection–hard to find, and sly as a fox. Rather than spend hours searching for the elusive creature I re-formated and reloaded Vista from the manufacturer’s recovery disc [which does not have the extra bundled software–including Brand XX]. The Windows updates took all day, but Comodo CIS installed just fine. No problems, no hitches, no disasters [as one post here was titled]. I have used Brand XX, Brand X, Brand Y, and Brand YY before. They don’t stack up to CIS. There are a few other products I have tried [Avira and Avast come to mind] that are good AV products. If one does not like Comodo products one is free to use other products. I have noticed a lot of flaming going on in the forum. My advice to one who wants to flame is to use the flame to light a cigar first [it might calm one down, but tobacco use is not very politically correct right now]. Maybe the current version of CIS has some bugs. Ok, post your thoughts and get on with your lives. Why do some feel the need to trash talk on this forum? I realize that my comments might enflame some members [after all, I am not a computer “professional,” and I don’t spend all day running scans and leak tests]. What I know is that, starting with CFP 3.5…my 4 computers have been almost malware free [tested with independent scanners]–a much better record than Brand XX, X, Y, YY, or even Avira and Avast could give me. There, I have had my say.

Edited to correct the title.