How 1 spam can ruin your day

This was an interesting read

Reasons for solid spamfilters, awareness of what not to click or open in your inbox (come on, folks, when has porn in your inbox ever indicated good things on the way?), and deleting stuff you didn’t ask for (sometimes even if you know the source…).

Safe internet habits are a requirement. I actually got something very similar to that the other day (based on the Subject line); don’t know what was in it as it was summarily executed by the firing squad. :wink:


I seem to have bursts of spam.
Had something similar myself but pegasus gave it a good stomping and put it in the appropriate place.
You would think they could use someone a bit more enticing than Paris. At the end of the day if brains were dynamite she wouldn’t blow a hair of her head and she’s not that good looking to boot.