Hourly schedule not available on service mode

Hello again !

I was using Comodo Backup in user mode, and I was enjoying the hourly schedule (my project was backed up on a USB key every hour).
Backup window poping back after every backup was annoying though, so I went service. After a while, as I was happy that no more windows had popped, I opened Backup to check the log and noticed nothing had been backed up!

I realized then that the hourly option is only available in user mode, but disappears in service mode.

  • why ? why not ?

Please, give me service + hourly schedule, I really fail to see why that could be a problem…

Thanks !

Hi Sxilderik

Unfortunately you are right. It may be worth putting this in the wish list. We have not had an update for a while so should be due for one, but don’t know when.