Hotmail says "Check out Comodo's Community" email notice is fraudulent


Got an email * today which looks to be from Comodo that hotmail says fails their phishing test**.

A security company not using real return address on there emails? Is this stupid or is this email really bogus?

Check out Comodo’s Community‏
From: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. (
High riskThis message may be dangerous. Learn more
Sent: Tue 5/26/09 2:24 AM
To: myaddressremoved

Did you know we have a community?

Our Active Community is a useful tool for you! Did you know our forums house:

Exclusive links to beta software
The opportunity to discuss old and new Comodo products
Polls and Surveys
Interaction with the CEO of Comodo

We invite you to come take a look and participate with other Comodo fans.

Check it out!

Thank you for using Comodo to help build trust online!

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
525 Washington Boulevard,
Jersey City, NJ 07310
United States

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"Sender ID is a technical solution started by Microsoft and other industry leaders to help fight spoofing (Sending messages with fake or stolen account information.) and phishing (Falsely claiming to be a legitimate business to send you to a fake website or scam you into giving out private information.) , which are the two primary deceptive practices used by senders of junk e-mail (Unwanted, unsolicited, or illicit e-mail or other electronic messages, including spam.) . For more information, visit the Sender ID Framework Overview webpage.

* Windows Live Hotmail treats all messages that fail Sender ID and phishing tests as fraudulent and warns the user about opening these messages. For information about how to read blocked e-mail messages, see Block or allow messages from specific senders and domains.
* If you experience difficulties when you use another mail service to send your mail, but you use your Windows Live Hotmail address as the sending address, contact the network administrator of the other service for help.


Yep Its a spoofed email (nothing technical anyone can call themselves anything unfortunately even your email adress is easily used) Comodos own emails would never ever fail this small testing preformed by hotmail…

Looks very unprofessional with the “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$” “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$” as well…

Lol… Soon we will probably see wilders “highly skilled” ;D ;D community blaming comodo for this as well…

But perhaps Melih/someone should issue a warning about this to all comodo letters subscribers… =)

Hallo Ross
welcome to these forums.

Can you post also the full headers of that email?