Hotfix 20160826.01

Why was Firefox Hotfix 20160826.01 installed automatically without notice on Comodo IceDragon v48 this week? It showed up as an extension in my Add-ons. My understanding is that this hotfix is not needed if v48 is already installed. Is there an issue with the upcoming update from CID v48 to v49? Did anyone else get this Hotfix?


I just updated IceDragon to and also go the hotfix. I guess it must be necessary.

Hi gs22 and Eric,
There is some information in the external links below that might shed some light.

Kind regards.

Thank you captainsticks. That was informative. :slight_smile:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Where is this ‘hotfix’ evident? I have CID v48.0.0.2 on Win7 x-64 and see it not.

Now I have an CID update download notification.

EDIT: downloaded and installed the update - now I’m being notified about conflict between AVG and Comodo Cloud Anti-virus. How did Comodo Cloud Anti-virus get installed with the browser update, i.e., v48.0.0.2 to v49.0.0.0; this is not my personal machine and has client installed software. The client has no desire for any CID software installed because of of very seriously rotten experience when CID upgraded to v7.x

CCAV comes with CID. :-\ It will be shown as an option after installing the browser and It can be discarded. Although I must say that the accept button is drawing attention over the deny option.