Hot Key Programs

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if there are any programs out there that will allow me to automate certain tasks out there like clicking on buttons and inserting text, easily! The key word here being easily. I’ve tried AUTOIT, AUTOHOTKEY, and Mouse Robot. The first two confuse the heck out of me and the third I can’t get to work right, or maybe its just me. I just want to do certain things like press ctrl+f and have firefox pop up. Or press ctrl+d and have a signature pop up, or a closing statement. If it was simple enough then I’m sure I could find a use for other things but initially thats all I want.

*EDIT: I’ll delete the other part of this as I have found a password manager, or rather, a list of about 7 or 8 that are free and should work fine. Thanks

Can anyone help?


For progs. I just have the icons on the desktop and use shortcut keys, e.g. Ctrl+Shft+O for Opera.
There are a couple of utilities that will allow this without having the icons visible, but I can’t unforget them.

As for pasting in text etc., I use SuperKeys. The basic .dll can be picked up as malware: obviously it has keylogging abilities - couldn’t work without - but the author of SK pointed out that malware authors, like politicians, will use good inventions for bad purposes.
There a couple of others also.

Thanks for your response, I’ll take a look at super keys.