I run CIS freeware on a XP machine, and Hostsman, which I have used for years. It appears I do not need Hostsman as Defence+ performs its functions, i.e. CIS is standalone. Is that correct?

I’m not sure if CIS protects the hosts file or not ? Nothing against Hostsman but i recommend HostsXpert. A quick way to verify no changes and U can simply set it to read only mode.

Many thanks.

The reason I ask, not being an expert, is that the Help file for Defence+ talks a lot about hosts, and Defence+ providing a hosts ‘intrusion’ facility of some sort, which made me wonder if Hostsman is needed. Perhaps some kind person on this forum will advise me on that.

Hi xylophone,
Don’t confuse Host intrusion Prevention System with your Host file.

Host file managing programs (Hostman) can be used to block websites that contain malware, adware, etc etc and also numerous other functions for protecting the host file itself.

With Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), think of the host as your local system not your host file.

HIPS in Comodo is known as Defense+, this monitors all activity taking place and if any unknown application executes or unknown activity takes place it will either be blocked or you will be alerted (Intrusion prevention).

Do you need Hostman, that is entirely a personal choice as HIPS and Hostman are entirely different types of programs with no relation to one another.
One is for managing your host file (Used for blocking sites etc) and the other is a system activity monitor, monitoring for malicious or unknown activity.
Host file uses
Intrusion Prevention System

While there is no direct relation to the two, your host file would still be protected with HIPS against unauthorized changes in the same way it is protecting the whole system.
I hope that helps.

Excellent. Many thanks. You are that kind person. So I will retain Hostsman

No problem, glad it helped. :slight_smile: