hosting server--type(3)/code(3) [RESOLVED]

Im trying to host a vent server on my computer but comodo keeps blocking it saying source port type(3) destination code(3)

when i set vent to try to connect i can see comodo blocked x intrustion attempts so far going up one by one but i cant seem to disable it or find out even what code(3)/type(3) means i cannot search for “code(3)” in the search bar it says each word must have at least 2 characters in it… Im not sure if thats a bug or an attempted injection prevention :frowning:

ive set the vent server to trusted app and ive tried just disabling the firewall or having the computer seem to start up without it (as far as i know) but no hope ive got port forwarding working fine …
can someone offer me some advice or just to explain the type/code 3 errors its giving me.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

See here for ICMP type and code parameters.