Host names not being resolved

I have added two global rules, blocking ICMP any in/out and TCP/UDP in/out from any IP (any port) to (any port).

I was recently asked about ICMP and TCP traffic to A reverse dns lookup on this IP address reveals the host name

There is clearly a problem with Comodo’s host name resolution, or the frequency with which host names are resolved, or host names which resolve to more than 1 IP address, which needs to be fixed.

I have previously run across the impossibility of using wildcards in hostnames. Whilst I find this annoying, I can understand that it might have a deleterious impact on performance (although I still think it would be a good idea to allow the user to choose whether to enable this feature, and have it off by default). This is a different problem, however: if you are going to allow specification of host names at all, you have to keep up to date with their associated IP addresses.

Anyone have any insight into how this is done currently?

It seems “My blocked network zones” feature of Firewall is for you. In 2 words: if you want to block access to some hostname/MAC address etc. you can use “My blocked network zones” instead of creating blocking rules under Network security policy.
But blocking by hostname was not working as expected in CF (Comodo Firewall)/CIS in v3.10 and some previous versions.

P.S.: Maybe the fact that use of hostnames in rules in Network security policy is broken for you and previous bug reports regarding “My blocked network zones” functionality tells us CF/CIS cannot work with hostnames properly.

OK, I’ve tried that, and I’ll remove the other rules, and see what happens. I’m using 3.11+, so that shouldn’t be an issue.