hopsurf annoyance

cannot uninstall hopsurf. can not even get rid of it with regedit, very annoyed, spent hours on a new clean install and thought I would give hopsing a try. blah. tried to get rid of it with revo unistall, then tried regedit which kept telliing cannot delete entry. blah blah blah very dissapointed . well back to doing a wipe and complete clean re-install. shame on me I have resisted these add on things for so long.

We will help you to fix this ASAP
Please answer the following questions:

  • which OS are you using?
  • with which browser do you have a problem? (name and version)
  • how does the problem look? Are you running uninstall wizard and it doesn’t run? Report error? Or are you trying to uninstall in some other way?