Hopefully a change of mind...

I wrote to Gizmo of the


site. I had found an evaluation of CPF here…

<If performance rather than ease-of-use is your criterion then the Comodo firewall [3] is a top contender. The firewall itself is very robust and it comes with a well designed intrusion detection system as well. The later however can be quite talkative and may unnecessarily alarm inexperienced users. Comodo is acquiring a reputation for conflicting with some other security products so backup before installing. For the technically initiated though, this is an outstanding free product. Note that Comodo requires Windows 2000 or XP SP2.>

Seeing as this was pointed toward the older version, I wrote…

<I was reading the take on Comodo Personal Firewall and realized that it was noted as having a reputaion of not working with other securities. While I have used other firewalls, anti-virus programs, they have done the same. I use CPF but not why I thought the statement unfair. The fact is Comodo has fixed many issues and reasonably quickly I may add. While I see 90% AVG problems with running Comodo as well, the AVG or Norton advanced scans seem to muck with many softwares which eventually get’s put off on the latter installed softwares. Not just Comodo but others as well. I have had to help many people who couldn’t install other firewalls, etc…due to these advanced scanning procedures as they would not allow other securities to work properly. I used ZA for years, could no longet connect to my DSL with it, got no support\feedback, and eventually ditched it. What I see is other big names putting the blame onto other softwares when they don’t work correctly and running users in weeks worth of circles before fixing the issue. Comodo does not do this. They take an issue and fix it. That said, as I stated, I feel your comment to be a bit harsh as Comodo has fixed MANY issues and the latest version is very stable. I personally have had no issues at all with this or prior versions, but won’t deny that other’s have. I haven’t seen this reputation you speak of on any other sites though and browse the CPF forums regularly and eventually, the angry users who have a bug, eventually end up happy or realizing it was something else on their system or a fixed issue on Comodo’s part. I think you comment is out of date and needs re-evaluation to be fair.

Thank you for your time,

Paul K>

And the reply I feel was fair and very nice of Gizmo…

<Hi Paul

The incompatibility comment is based on my own subscriber email. When I get dozens of emails tell me the same thing I figure there is something real going on.

I admit many of these comments relate to the early days of Comodo. So to be fair, I’ll track the issue over the next few weeks and if I get no more negative subscriber mail I’ll adjust my comments appropriately.

Thanks for writing, it’s appreciated.


I do want to note that he didn’t specify and e-mail flood but perhaps those who did write him before will change their opinions as well. (B)



thanks Paul


…from he’s reply, it looks promising.

*. Don’t ask me where do I get the ability to read people’s mind. …it’s a side effect after reading you MIL’s joke 24/7 for weeks!

You are welcome, never a problem. :wink:



Any piece of software have problems in early stages, if the developers work all the problems have a solution fast. I use CPF not for long, there are some issues I notice but it’s good to know that the developers are really working on them.

Hi, you are correct. And I have found none that work as fast as Comodo’s. As I stated, usually a week just to get a reply from some, and then who knows when a fix will come out. Comodo’s team will fix issues very quickly. Not a common practice in the software world for sure. :wink:



I couldn’t agree more. Most companies do not even return a personal reply, rather a standard “We are aware of this…blah blah blah”. The Comodo staff IMHO, are head and shoulders above anyone elses. ;D