hope V3 can support Chinese directory path~

this version of cpf does not support Chinese directory path,so that the CPF can not remember the rule!!i think this is a BIG BUG for chinese who want to use this great firewall…so i wish V3 can support Chinese directory path… (:AGY)

sorry for my poor english…

Hello I’m from Taiwan, and COMODO is the BEST Firewall i’ve used so far.
But the issue of CHT support is the only regret at COMODO.
Could you improve this question?
Sorry for my poor English. (:TNG)

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And what is CHT?

Chinese (Traditional)

For Updates visit: Comodo Firewall Translation Status

Ok…I understand! Google gave me - Certified Hand Therapist, Center for Health Transformation, Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo and Centre Hospitalier Territorial :wink:

I had to google as well, and the only reason why I know it’s that is because of this topic title ;).

i’m form China hi all
comodo fw is the best fw i have used so far
but… my computer:
C4 2.0 GHz
ddr 266 512M
i’m poor my computer is poor T_T T_T
but i realy like using this fw
hope v3 can run my computer better than v2.4
sorry my english is poor too
have a nice day everybody (L)

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Hopefully v3 will be low on RAM usage…according to Melih, they are on the right way:


i have read it