hop surf not uninstallable, pc freezes then

i had to manage a new cis installation at another pc. the hopsurf things were installed before. after a new installation, while i wasnt asked about hopsurf, the hopsurf was still installed.

i wasnt able to uninstall it with start—installed programs and standards----erase or change. the pc froze and a reboot was needed (several times).
until that moment i thought, well let them add hopsurf as a chooseable add.
but now it behaves a bit like an adware.
a toolbar and stuff that isnt uninstallable is adware. btw, there is just an entry for hopsurf, would it deinstall the rest adds too, if it would work?

times are changing…there was a time when anybody on this forum would have told you to stay away from toolbars, any toolbar, and now Comodo is making one and promoting it 88) :-TD … I don’t spend enough time anymore here to know how people react to that now. Stay away from toolbars, hopsurf, crawler, yahoo etc…they’re all adware and spyware. And this is a security forum here right? so it shouldn’t be a problem to hear that statement right ? :wink:

Given that your post seems more of a rant than a request for help.

Is there still a problem with that PC?
What Web Browser?
What OS?

What did you do, to try to fix it?

“start—installed programs----erase” is this a translation issue? did you attempt to uninstall software by erasing the installation folder?

Do you want help?