Honest opinions?

I have in the past downloaded a version of Comodo Anti-Virus. I had a terrible time un-installing it. I would like to receive some honest opinions on how the most recent versions are working. My McAfee anti-virus and firewall are going to expire soon. I have no problem installing the firewall. I do however have problems with my decision installing the anti-virus.

I also had big problems un installing Comodo AV with one the first versions… but this is NO problem with the versions they have now. So my friend… the honest opinion;
Install the latest “public” release (v.1.1) of Comodo Antivirus and I will guarantee you that you will be surprised of how good it is… SERIOUSLY.
And then together with their Firewall you will definitivly be satisfied and secured.
I am using four products from Comodo; Firewall, Antivirus, Backup and Password manager and havent been more satisfied with a program group like this before (and I am NOT paid of Comodo for saying this ;D
But believe me… go for the v.1.1 of Antivirus because you will be getting to enjoy the function of their Launch Pad in this version which is an excellent add-on when you are “collecting” a group of program from one supplier like I have here… (and the Launch Pad they have DELETED from the new beta versions!!! )

julio66, rick24 had problems with version 1.1 ;D

As did I! I had a heck of a time with it; here’s my final solution, with links to some of my other posts: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,4755.0.html So I know where you’re coming from (and yes, rick24, I have read yours in those threads as well…I know it was no picnic!).

Rick, after Comodo built their own installer, there have not been any significant problems with installing/uninstalling. I’ve been through several of the 2.x beta releases now, with uninstalls all the way. The only trouble I’ve had is that on occasion the LSP for the email scanner has not uninstalled correctly. Typically I have found that a quick removal with LSPFix by CEXX.org does the trick.

That’s the only problem I’ve had, and that has only been occasionally.


Thanks to both of you for your opinions. I appreciate those comments. I will be monitoring the forum so I can stay up to date with what is happening.