Homepage does not start

Hello, my Comodo Dragon version 21.2 will not open the home page normally. Just installed the Comodo Dragon runs smoothly, but after installing some extension and do a cleaning Cclenaer, Comodo Dragon to open the Home page is blank because the connection does not end, then if I close the Comodo Dragon and open it again the problem does not appear, but every time I clean the cache with CCleaner Comodo Dragon not to open the home page opens normally. I tried with Google Chrome and this problem does not.

¿ Could it be a bug of Comodo Dragon ?

After studying the problem, I found the cause, and is the function in Ccleaner> Google Chrome> Compact Database, if activated can give this problem with my Comodo Dragon tube, after disabling the compacted database in Ccleaner the problem appeared no more.

I hope at least this post will serve to not happen to you.

Hi Gill Gates,
Thanks for posting your findings, it is good to know. :-TU

The description of the home page not opening resembles what some of us have been finding, except that some or most of us do not have ccleaner. I myself do not have ccleaner, and I often find home page upon browser session startup will not finish loading; but I can choose any different site and the page load and then I can choose my home page and it too loads reasonably fast. No use of ccleaner.

You might, in fact, have tried to express something different from what I did.