Home Netwroking Problem

First here is the situation…

I have 3 computers(2 desktops and a laptop).
I have a desktop running XP Pro
I have a laptop runnign XP Pro SP3
I have a desktop running Vista Home Premuim SP1

The XP desktop is a WIRED connection.
The laptop is both WIRED and WIRELESS.
The Vista Desktop is WIRELESS.

The laptop has files on it that I want to access from the Vista Desktop.

At this moment in time i’m really feeling … (:AGY) … so I an trying not to throw punches at my computer(s).

When I have the laptop WIRED, the XP desktop can view the files.
When I have the laptop wireless, the Vista Desktop can access the computer.

Hate to say this but…i converted my Vista Desktop back to ZoneAlarm…while the rest of the computer run CFP 3. Before i had all the computers on CFP 3, they were on ZoneAlarm…I was able to see the computers no matter what kind of connection they had. At one point the Vista Desktop could see files on the XP Desktop…

The main question is why am I having networking problem all of a sudden. Then when I disabled the firewall(CFP3 when they all were running it) I couldn’t get to the files on the WIRED Laptop from the Vista Computer.

Also, neither desktop can access the other…

Two questions:

  1. Have you made sure that File and Printer Sharing is turned on for your Wireless Network Connection? It’s a different connection than your wired one.

  2. have you set the router IP and the IP Address of the computer you’re trying to access as Trusted in Firewall >> My Network Zones?

Oops there’s 3 questions now…

  1. Are you getting any Firewall events or Intrusion Attempts in your Firewall Events Log?


You will need to define two trusted networks on each PC - one for the wired address range and the other for the wireless address range.

Ewen :slight_smile:

1.Yes I have made sure that the File and Printer Sharing is turned on. I can share from wired to wired or wireless to wireless, but not wired to wireless and vise versa.

2.I have added the whole range as a trusted network.

and 3. I’m not getting any type of Firewall events or Intrusion Attempts in my Events Log.