Home network and users

I am new to Comodo Unite, and I would like to know if the following is possible:

I have 3 computers at home (laptop, desktop, HTPC). I would like to use Comodo Unite in all of them. Do I need to create 3 user names, or is it possible to use the same user in all of them at the same time?

I also plan to install Comodo Unite in my mothers computer (she doesn’t live with me) with her own username, and to have my friends install it as well, so we can chat, game and exchange files in our private network.

Thanks very much!


Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums

each one must have their own Comodo Unite account. You can make a network were you invite the wanted people

Valentin N


 If you need chat to each other you need one account for each user joined the chat.
 If you need only virtual private networking between your computers, one account is enough and you could sign in with it for all your computers and get them in 'My Computers' network.

Thank you both for the help.

I don’t need to chat with my own computers,the idea is just to access them, viewing the screen, controlling the computer at the distance. And I want to be able to give support for my mother and my syster (they don’t live with me), using any computer at my home. Also I would like to add some friends to the network so we can play old games, like Quake, online, on the “fake lan”.

Anyway, I created 2 accounts in the weekend. My laptop used one account, and was connected to the internet using a 3G modem. My desktop was online using my adsl connection. I added each other, and Unite could see both online. I created a network, added them. But when I tried to connec the computers, I go stuck with the message “connecting…”.

Should I open any sort of doors in windows firewall or my modem?



 Unite will get Windows firewall set for your VPN connection.
 But some modem/router has its own firewall, please check it and open UDP port 12000 - 13000 for your VPN connection.

 PS. if you use Windows Vista or higher Windows, please tune firewall on on Windows.

Junhua, I got the doors open. Something funny is happening:
1- I am using the same username in 2 computers, and they are showing properly under “My Computers”.
2- In one of the computers, when I click with the right mouse button over the name of the other computer, I have the option to control the desktop. In the other computer, this option does not exist!
3- I have carefully checked configuration settings in both computers in CUnite, and they are exactly the same

4- In the computer that shows the option to control the desktop in the other computer, when I click over it, nothing happens…

I really don’t know what to do more. CUnite will be very helpfull to me, because I want to be able to give tech support to my mother and to my syster without leaving my home, and also to beable to control my pc at home from work.

Merry Christmas to you all, and a happy new year!


     Do you used Windows Home edition on one of you computer?
     Home version does not support RDP in released Unite. But one fix is undergoing as I know.
     You may need install VNC solution or upgrade your OS.

Junhua, my Guide!

Yes, in my notebook I have Windows 7 Home! In my desktop I have Windows 7 Professional.
I will wait for this fix. I think CUnite will be of great use for me.

Do you know if it is going to take long for the solution / fix to be released?

I wish you a very happy new year!!!

Thanks so much for all the help!