Home Network Alert

I took my laptop to a public network two days ago. The next day I had it connected back on my home network and I was browsing the web with no problems or network alerts. I left my computer idle for around a day and just recently when I attempted to browse the web, I got a network alert prompting me on whether the IP Address “” is a home, work, or public network. I quickly pressed home network, but then I realized that this is not my IP address or the name of my network. I have a screenshot of the log file attached. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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The address is what’s known as a link local address, sometimes also called Automatic Private IP addressing (APIPA) Basically, if, for whatever reason, your PC cannot contact a DHCP server to either acquire or renew it’s IP address, it automatically assigns an address from the range above.

Along with other reserved address spaces,, and, it’s a non-routable address and is invalid on the Internet, i.e., it’s only useful on your local area network.