Home management solution for CIS


Some time ago I read something about a solution to manage your Comodo Internet Security installations centrally in your home LAN network. This was a kind of announcement in a discussion topic as answer for an user.
I couldn’t find this topic back, so I could not give a link to it.

Is there some more information about this project/tool or is it discontinued?



Hi Joey, welcome to the forums.

I think that could be CESM or Comodo Endpoint Security Manager.

Thanks for your reply, but I thought that it wasn’t CESM because it was announced a few months ago. And it would be released in the next months/years. CESM does exist a few years.

Probably it would be a freeware product and only for home environments.
CESM is a product for large enterprise environments and not for manage only 3-4 installations.

I have read this in the “Important Topics” part in a Comodo Internet Security … Released topic.
Someone asked for a management solution for home environments and someone from Comodo answers that they were developing some kind of application right now for home environments and that he should wait until it was released.

I should try to find the topic back.

There is meant to be a new version of CESM due sometime this year (Q2/Q3 mentioned on board?) which will be more suitable for smaller installations. In addition, as far as I’m aware CESM is free to use for 5 machines or less. So, it still might be useful for the home user. But, it’s best to clarify all this on the CESM board.

It can be used for free for up to five machines as kail stated.

i remember fiolla saying a beta would be available in june