Home Lan - Internet connection not available at startup

Hi, after following v3 setup instructions for my Home Lan, the internet connection is not available at PC startup. Not possible to find (renew) IP address.
I have to disable CF and then I can repair my IP connection. Then I can enable CF and all is fine.
But next time when I turn off/on my PC again I will not have the internet connection.
Is there any CF missing(wrong) rule/s that is inhibiting my IP connection at PC startup?
Thank you!! :THNK

Are there any relevant entries in the firewall logs?

I would suspect that this is something todo with the way IP addresses are acquired at startup. That’s if you are NOT using fixed IP addresses. I’m not sure that I understand this completely, but isn’t there something todo with an IP address that is used to get an IP address?
Just a thought!