Home and public network

I have bought and installed Comodo Internet Security 2013 Pro.

Right after installation, as usual, I set up internet connection, through WiFi.
Then I was asked whether I am connected to home or public network.
I hesitated but chose “home network”. Did I do a right choice?

Most people would think at my place: “I am being at home - so this is a home network”.
But I have doubts.

1 First of all: why not choose “public network” anyway? It will be safer for sure.
2 On the other hand, at my home I have modem, and router. What is most important about my Toshiba device is - that it has also a ‘hardware firewall’ which I configured more or less properly. So, due to this firewall, I have chosen “home network”. Did I do a right choice?
3 In what exactly situations “home network” should be chosen, and for whom this options is designed for?


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With CIS, there’s very little difference between Home, Work and Public. In all three cases a Network zone will be created with the IP address/subnet mask for the network - see image for example. However, with Home and Work, firewall rules are also created, using the network zone, that facilitate file and printer sharing for the identified network. Essentially, if you’re behind a router or on a trusted network and you want basic access to other local network devices, choose Home or Work.

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Thanks for your answer.
So I will leave Home Network.
But I have another question connected with this subject:

Soon, I will be with my notebook with CIS at another location. I will have mobile internet there, I am going to buy at some GSM provider. They will give me modem-router device, Huawei E586, working on batteries, that may be connected through USB, and it will have 5 WiFi “ports” to connect some other devices at my second location.

I would like to add that I would like to have the ability to connect between those devices which will be pluged in to this Huawei by WiFi. Maybe my notebook will be also connected not by USB, but by WiFi too.

So, should I choose there (at my second location): Home or Public Net?

Sorry if my problem seems to be obvious for somebody…

It really depends how you intend to use the Huawei. As far as I know it uses as default, which may well be the same as you’re using now, if so, you won’t receive any new alerts. However, if you change the device DHCP to something different, you’ll get a new network alert. At this point you can decide whether it’s a trusted network of not.

Thank you for Your patience so far.
I am getting to understand this problem.

It really depends how you intend to use the Huawei.

Please explain a little further. For what kind of probable usage it will be better to set Home network? And what kind of probable features and possibilities of network usage will be lost if I choose Public? I would like to understand it well.

Can write something more, please?

I use Public Network & if I am not wrong the default (Internet Security Config) is also Public Network.

I have PPPOE Internet Connection. Sometimes I use my internet connection directly & sometimes I access my internet connection WiFi with Belkin Router. I never had any prob with Public Network.

I think for single system at home, Public Network is good & safer. For more than 1 system & networked I cant say as I dont have networked system so no experience.