Holding off on installing as yet

I’m new to the forums and i haven’t as yet installed the comodo firewall

my questions are

  1. can comodo allow a program to connect to the web as a run once connection
    basically does comodo allow me to connect a program without it being remembered as
    a program which is always allowed access and that program would have to ask for connection
    the reason i ask is that i prefer to manually update my programs rather than them connecting
    as they like.

  2. i have read on these forums that the tray icon works like a security center where you can
    access all comodo products.i have to admit i would prefer an icon simply for the firewall along
    the lines of sygate’s where it might also show traffic inbound and outbound and notify of
    port scans and any problems also possibly on double click you could access logs.

  3. can i ask how resource hungry comodo is as i run a PIII 866Mhz which has a max 512mb of
    ram available to the motherboard and if the footprint on the comodo is large i don’t see
    that this will help make my mind up i favour of comodo and is there any plans to make this
    firewall leaner if needs be.

At the moment i can’t think of anything else


Hi and welcome,

  1. As long as you don’t select the remember my answer box with each popup CPF won’t remember it. You may also want to turn the ‘automatically approve safe applications’ off also.

  2. This option is being worked on by Comodo to give users a choice as to what they want.

  3. Your system should be ok resource wise. CPF has had some major cuts in resource useage and the latest version (currently beta if you want to try it (see beta section on the forums)) has had its resource useage massively cut even further.