Ho dear what a mess

What have you created Comodo >:( computer killing software.

Two computers both on W7’ installed Comodo time machine but it slowed the boot up time down to much.

Decided to uninstall :-TD result reinstall both W7 Comodo just wrecked two computers.

One I had a full back up but the other had to be reinstalled from scratch.

4 hours of me life wasted on Comodo

How can that be?? Comodo posted directly that the uninstall/trash your computer “bug” was fixed in the last version.
When are the heads of COMODO going to be pulled out of their a**'s and finally admit that they failed miserably with this. They took a program from Horizon data Systems that worked great and hosed it up so bad that it destroys computers. Then they lie about it and refuse to take it down.
Why anyone would ever trust any of the software from this company mystifies me.

Get ready all of you COMODO groupies, get ready to bash me for my attitude rather than revolting against COMODO. My computer was trashed. Was yours?

Yep it was. Fortunately it’s my C partition and I have nothing important beside OS. I was good to go with a HDD image.
And in my recklessness I’ve installed again CTM. For now it’s OK.

Actaully yes - one of mine was, but not as bad as yours, but the net effect was the same.

I could install CTM and I could uninstall CTM. I just couldn’t boot into Windows when CTM was installed. Fortunately, I had an image and restored it to continue working.

Following on from this, I decided to work with the devs, rather than constantly getting on my back legs and beating my chest.

My days of being an internet orangutang are long past luckily.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nothing surprising. They offer software for free. Similar software of ~ same functionality produced by other vendors generally costs (quite a lot of) money.
Many would stand bugs or other things they don’t like simply because they have no choice except to drop using Comodo’s soft… but they want this soft

…Here there were BSoDs and other troubles (much less severe) because of Comodo Firewall. But it continued to be used further avoiding “special conditions” because pros/cons revealed that alternative(s) is/are worse.

Of course, computer/os destruction is tooo reasonable aspect to stop using (one of) Comodo’s soft.

Alas, there is no way to influence quality of (released) products of Comodo except… to code own software “without that bugs” or create “own Comodo” and set up “correct” management

I think we are forgetting something here. Most people do not check a forum when they find some software which they like. They just trust it to be a safe piece of software. The comodo website looks professional. Therefore most people will trust the downloads. CTM is a backup/restore tool, but in some cases it did the opposite. It’s like buying a first aid kit with infected medication inside. Not really acceptable, but still no reason to yell at people. Anyway, the users install CTM because it helps them to protect there data. Then a problems occur. And maybe only then they look on the forum or directly tru to uninstall CTM. If they did not yet uninstall it, then they sure will think twice about doing so, because there are several threads here about CTM messing up the MBR after an uninstall. Maybe that is why they still use it in the hope that comodo will launch a new update that can safely uninstall CTM.

Also can we not expect that every user is a computer guru. We can not expect that they know how to use windows recovery tools and especially not the recovery command line tools. My opinion is that the CTM development team should make some overtime to solve the install/uninstall issues and make sure that the next release really is stable. What they wrote is still a ticking time bomb and sooner or later it goes BOOOM!!! Release 166 was supposed to be the solution, but still it isn’t.

Remove the downloader and pull it down to a Beta or Alpha release. Then use the info which you get from the Beta testers to make it more stable, but please don’t pretend that CTM will save our day after you got a virus on your pc, cos it might do for most, but for some CTM did the same as some virus would do. It trashes up the MBR. Maybe comodo’s AV should add a CTM signature to there malware/virus signature database :wink: