hmmmmm,,,,seems like it needs more improvments,,,,

it seems like it need some more fixing,hmmmmm .

(:LOV) i really like this firewall,a short while back i went to version 3,only had some minor small problems with it ,then you only sent a test version of all the fixes to a handful of people to try out before releasing the (again) final version for every one , that was a good idea !!,instead of trying the fixed beta version of 3.0,i instead went back to version comodo V2.4.18.184 , why ?, i like it because its simple to use and not so complicated, why should we disable things in our pc’s or get rid of programs we need in order to use this newer firewall?, you should of not combined the firewall and the defender+ together as one program, dont get me wrong here ,i’m a newbee and i need the new firewall to get along with all my other programs, oh , this new firewall is not to hard to figure out

,so i will stick with this simple firewall of yours for now and wait awhile before i try out the newest firewall again,.

(:CLP) make sure it dont interfere with windows updates !,what good is a firewall if it does that.

keep up the good work,i will keep my eye out for the next build to try out…