Hmm. surprising projects.

Ok guys. Today let me share with you two surprising projects.

  1. Reactos , an open-source windows binary compatible os, a sort of wine but at a more advanced stage. (still in alpha however)

  1. A super secure security platform.

" Security of InmunOS is based on many levels. -1st level: it works on top of a VMware Player ™ virtual machine. -2nd level: it runs on memory!. -3rd level: it runs powered by Linux. -4th level: it has kernel protection against memory corruption bugs/exploits -PaX-. -5th level: it has a kernel based Role Based Access Control . -Etc.


“I’m an end user. What do I really need to know about InmunOS?”
1.- InmmunOS, as a whole product acts as a super preservative for any Internet access done through it.
2.- Inside InmunOS, there are many security features that increase it’s security, giving multiple layers of added reliance, in a way similar to militar systems.
3.- Surfing the web with InmunOS will give you an unparallel degree of confidence. By design InmunOS can not leave traces in the PC of your activity.
4.- InmunOS is virtually inmune to virus. Due to it’s nature, InmunOS itself does not need antivirus. In the improbable case that InmunOS got infected, the virus will not survive an InmunOS restart.
5.- InmunOS is freeware and will be freeware "

Reactos is a nice idea, but has been in alpha stage since 2005. I don’t expect it to change in the near futurre :(.
Never heard of immunos, gonna try it out soon…