Hmm, Problem with Limited Account Win XP

Alright so this account is admin and when I tried to log onto the other account on my pc, Friends - Limited Account, I just received an error for CFP v.3 Critical Error and asks for me to run diagnostics, but since its Limited Account I dont have the privileges. So what am I to do, it doesnt startup on my Limited Account but works Flawlessly on my Admin account and if I run diagnostics on Admin no problems detected.

Is there a simple fix without having to completely uninstall comodo and reinstall to make it learn all the crap all over again or is there like a repair option possible?! Other than that it worked fine all the time, I think it got screwed up when 1 of my bros friends tried JVPowerTools 2008 on pc and removed figuring I wouldnt find out. And now I’m pretty pissed off cause that thing so buggy and messed up my AntiVir Free which I just got working again

Windows XP SP-3