hl2.exe, Comodo doesn't remember allow for this file

I’ve set the following rules for hl2.exe


but when I start Steam and CSS, I get the following popup on the desktop (during the time the CSS menu has loaded up)


I click “remember” and “allow”, but then the hl2.exe rule has changed to the following


Why doesn’t Comodo remember my allow settings OR the rule I have created?
Is there a way to do a clean uninstall for Comodo Firewall so I could rule that out?
I’m not sure but I guess this started to happen right after I used Windows Repair (because Logitech drivers locked and ■■■■■■■ my XP totally). I’ve tried normal uninstall and then install Comodo again but no luck with this.
I’ve read some other posts but none of them are really about my problem because I CAN connect to servers when I click the “allow” on the popup.

Try to allow Steam.exe everything.
PS: I took these options:

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I have allowed everything for steam.exe but still I get the popup (like in the image) for hl2.exe.

Maybe you havn’t changed, that Steam.exe and HL2.exe are allowed to connect with every IP and Port. Set the options for both exe to:
General: In/Out
Destination IP: any
Destination Port: any
Miscallanious: “Allow invisible connection attemps” and “Skip advanced security checks”

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have changed steam.exe and hl2.exe so that they have full access to the Internet like in the first pic I posted in this thread but still I get the hl2.exe popup :´´(
I tried deleting the rules many times, add the rules before hand etc. but no.
I had to change to ZoneAlarm free, which is not quite as good as Comodo, to get rid of that popup…
Hope the popup won’t come in the upcoming 3.0 version.

I did some heavy duty troubleshooting (reinstalling XP and CSS many times etc.) concerning this problem and I found the culprit, “Update for Windows XP (KB938828)”. If I install this update I will get the annoying bug in CPF but when I uninstalled this update the bug went away ;D
Here’s a link to the update info.
“On a Microsoft Windows XP SP2-based computer, the Explorer.exe process crashes. This problem occurs because of a race condition in the Explorer.exe process.
Some antivirus applications and some print applications use notification balloons to display messages. These applications may cause a race condition. Therefore, the Explorer.exe process crashes.”
After I read the info I was pretty sure this was the source of the problem, and it was.
Weird thing is that I installed this update on the number 2 PC I have which had a fresh XP install on it and CPF + CSS worked without a problem ??? This problem only occurs on my main PC which is basically the same PC than my number 2 but more powerful. I have all the same Windows updates installed on both PCs and pretty much same programs.

KB938828 is not a security update so it’s ok to leave it uninstalled (for now).

Main PC’s specs:
Windows XP Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
MSI P965 Neo-F (motherboard)
2 GB of RAM
Many SATAI & SATAII harddrives and one IDE drive
nVidia GeForce 7900 GT

Number 2 PC’s specs:
Windows XP Pro
Intel P4 2,8 GHz
MSI 865PE Neo 2 LS (motherboard)
1 GB of RAM
One IDE drive
ATI Radeon 9700 non-pro

So I’m pleading with the CPF developers for looking into this incompatibility between this XP update and CPF.


Often an update is thought of as an upgrade. I think of KB938828 as a downgrade.

It is quite possible that significant features have been removed by KB938828, and that the Windows Operating system no longer supports certain functions which CPF (and others) have long depended upon.

Before KB938828, explorer.exe was 1,402,368 bytes, created 11 May 2003, 21:12:10 and modified 07 April 2005
After KB938828, explorer.exe was 1,033,216 bytes, created 11 May 2003, 21:12:10 and modified 13 June 2007

I deduce that in 2003 a full featured version and a stripped down version were created, and after 2 years of testing the full version was packaged as an update (07 April 2005), and after another 2 years it was found to cause crashes, hence we have been downgraded to the stripped down version which obviously does not do all that the full featured beast did.

Two years testing before release, and then another two years before fatal flaws found.
A business empire the size of a continent can only progress at the pace of continental drift !!!

n.b. Since the August Patch Tuesday, which included KB938828, my Firewall degraded and lost rules and protection. Something on or around that update severely trashed the Comodo registry keys and it needed much more than an uninstall to fix it - keys were inaccessible. I now have it all fixed and my focus has shifted to what went wrong, and a few days ago I thought it strange that explorer.exe had shrunk - that is not the normal way for software to change! But now I know that two different flavours were created at the same time I think I understand the situation.


Very interesting and good to know. I don’t even have any explorer.exe crashes so I’m very certain that I don’t need this KB938828 update.
Thanks Alan B.