Hitman's Force Breach mode, Dr. Web's enhanced protection mode, and more

Is it possible to add to CIS a similar tactic as to Hitman’s Force Breach mode (see Hitman Pro in Force Breach Mode |), removing all unnecessary processes and then preventing any application launching via tactics similar to Dr. Web CureIt’s enhanced protection mode (a kind of strict pseudo-safe mode, in my opinion)? Just to eliminate the task of having to download an emergency scanner/cleaning tool and run it in safe mode. it may not even be in CIS. Perhaps CCE would do.

In this regard, can you temporarily suspend Windows and use a Linux environment in a desktop without having to reboot? Why and can it be used for scanning purposes/Why not?

Personally, I would like to see something like Hitman Pro’s Force Breach Mode incorporated into CCE, instead of CIS.

yeah, i kind of thought of that too. XD do you think it’s possible?

Hello. Out of curiosity, I have to ask why You gave as much information about yourself? What for this background information on spainach_12?
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Why not? There could be an option to kill all nonessential processes when CCE is scanning. Also, some self-defense to kill them all if, when starting the program, there is a process that is interfering.

Something like that could be very useful.

Well… I’ve been in the forums for quite some time. Not to generalize, but it seems that a lot of people start answering questions with the assumption that the person who inquired is knowledgeable about the topic. Often this leads to some kind of indirect insult to the inquirer. Yeah sure, perhaps it’s not intentional nor personal, but still, forums are mediums of intellectual discourse and should be treated as such with as courteously as possible. Kind of like a toned-down more casual support service.

To prevent this, I gave information to give people who would answer this at least an idea of how much i know and capable of. I’m kind of stressed out with the works that I have to finish and I don’t want others to add to that frustration. At least for now. I’m not usually easily provoked, but this month is an exception with my current state. :slight_smile:

I see. That will be very, very useful and helpful.

Can it be made so that CCE has an option with it to be intelligently (minimal to no user intervention) selective (only processes that interfere and/or conflict) with which processes to terminate?

Don’t ask me. I don’t know. 88)

Make a wish. :smiley:

Ok, now I understand You perfectly. Stress is bad, so try to avoid it. :wink:
Excuse me, that it was !ot!.