Hitman PRO major update - Build 179 (2012-12-04)

ADDED: HitmanPro.Kickstart to easily remove ransomware using USB flash drive.
For more information and video’s: www.surfright.com/kickstart

ADDED: Flying Kick icon on the Welcome screen.
Click this icon to turn any existing USB flash drive into a bootable HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive.

ADDED: Zero-day detection of ransomware through behavioral scan.

ADDED: Zero-day detection of Zbot infections through behavioral scan.

ADDED: Automatic creation of log files.

ADDED: Logs under Settings, History where you can view the created log files.

ADDED: /nologs command line option.

ADDED: Scan for specific recent files (part of remnant scan).

ADDED: NoViewContextMenu policy repair.

IMPROVED: Removal of ZeroAccess (Sirefef) infected services.exe on 64-bit systems.

IMPROVED: NTFS parser. On some systems HitmanPro processed too many files due to incorrectly parsing specifc NTFS records. These systems should see an improvement in scan speed.

IMPROVED: Crusader to replace infected critical system files with clean original versions.

IMPROVED: Remnant scanner.

IMPROVED: Parsing of registry keys related to the Windows Shell (XP).

FIXED: On some systems HitmanPro unnecessarily restarted explorer.exe.

UPDATED: Support driver.

UPDATED: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and English languages.
Version 3.7.

Get it here as my auto-update don’t work for it yet: Download HitmanPro: Scan and Remove Malware

very awesome release. HitmanPro is one of the best cleaning tools out. They have very innovative cleaning and detection techniques. :-TU

Indeed :slight_smile:

HMP Kickstart can not start

Message: Bootmgr is missing ???

are you using win8?

Win 7 x64

ok cuz i know win8 isnt supported yet.

I use Windows 7 x64 as well. No issue here. Don’t want to guess what it might be. Try to email them.

Looks excellent.