History (don't touch me)

Well, as I am quite interested in history, I beg of you: post something relating this topic.
(Should be something between The Flintstones and Captain Future…)

So, here it goes: Which part of history does fascinate / embarass you most? And…why?

I for one am especially keen on the Bronze age. (Just to start the topic)



Hey MorphOS REBOL :slight_smile:

This is a dangerous topic for me :o because I could violate the Forum Policy here very easy 88) Political Flames are not allowed :-X

Greetz, Red.

This topic was meant to be about “interests concerning historical topics”, not about “flaming” anyone.

I am still in hope. :slight_smile:

Hiya Morphos Rebel,just recently i have been interested in Egypt and it is truly fascinating.Everyone knows about the pyramids but how and why they where built is another matter entirely.Just remember in them days they didn`t have mechanical diggers and spirit levels etc(the 4 corners align exactly with N/S/E/W)
The lighthouse at Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the world until it disappeared into the sea and was only recently discovered(its remains that is)
Stuff like hieroglyphics where a symbol means a whole sentance and how much they influenced the world as we now know it.

Nice 1 Matty :■■■■

And what about the Aztecs?

I like to read about Ancient History, from Egyptians to the Romans (specially this one) because they left us a huge legacy. Constructions, Medicine, Food, The Egyptian people invented the ■■■■

Middle Age because it was a time of deep religiosity and mysticism and deep changes

WW II obviously I can’t say its was a likeable period, but was a period so significant for the world because it changed forever as we see the world, it left us a very bitter legacy (intolerance, how to control people’s fears, totalirism, etc, etc) , acts of love for our fellows, acts of human bravery.
And also the paradoxical one (always happens in wars) the advance in technology (especially in aircraft)


P.D History I think it has not to be confused with politics, but history must be handle with care, because we are dealing with people from around the world