HIS - Conflict with write pad software

I did a test run for version and it seemed that a lot improvements have been made.

However, the new cpf would not allow me to use my write pad software for inputting Chinese. It detected the write pad software doing something not allowed - “run a dll as application…”. I tried to mark the main exe file and the persistent running process of the write pad software as trusted applications and shut down the defense+ totally and still not work. The OS - win xp was locked and nothing can be done until I log-off (luckily no crash). Do cpf have been too aggressive to software that track mouse movement or those using global hooks? Would cpf do the same to some touch pad applications?

In fact version 2 do have more or less tendency towards this kind of software. But the different is that version 2 allow the write pad software to run apart from keep on pop up alerts and log critical alert events.

I suggest the development team to write a bug tracking module to collect users’ system information as this kind of problems would be difficult to report when the system freeze up. Would it be possible to make a graceful shut down of cpf when encountering critical errors with a notifying message to the user?

Please let me know if there is any work around or when patch available. Thanks!